Sunday, April 20, 2014

Just Us Two

This scrap was made with my newest free template.  I used In the Park by Maria Designs.

Free Scrapbook Template 04-20-2014

Well, things got pretty busy last week and I didn't get a 2nd template posted like I had hoped.  But at least I am still meeting my goal of at least one per week.  Here is this week's template (hopefully just the first for this week).  Hope you enjoy it!!!  

As always, this is a full size template, and is available in .psd and .tif format

Download .psd file HERE

Download .tif file HERE

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Free Scrapbook Template 04-13-14

Okay, here is this week's free template.  I'm thrilled that I was able to create and post 3 free templates last week, and I certainly hope this won't be the only one for this week so be sure to check in every few days.  I've created an example scrap below this post.  Enjoy!!!

This template is full size and is available in .psd format and .tiff (for those that don't use Photoshop). 

 Download  .psd HERE

Download .tiff Here

Scrap from 04-13-14 Template

Here is a scrap made from my newest free template 04-13-14.  The kit I've used will soon be available free on Scrapbook Flair.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Free Scrapbook Template 04-11-14

Here is a third free template for this week.  I am having such a blast creating these and I really hope many of you are enjoying them.  Please click to become a follower of my blog if you like these.  

As many of my friends know, I truly love the water.  I use to train lifeguards, but now I have slowed down and I focus on teaching children to swim; from 9 months old and up.   Three years ago I fulfilled a lifelong dream to become scuba certified…at the age of 51.  So I thought I would devote this template to a water theme.  Anyway…ENJOY!!   

Reminder:  I am trying to post at least 1 free template per week, and for now I am getting more than one posted.  These templates are full size in .psd format.

Download HERE
My Pages:

I used my free 04-11-14 template (you can find it above).  For the top scrap I used a couple of kits; A Colorful Island of Treasure by Em-Ka, Perle Deau Douce by Chanel Designs, and a couple of elements by R11 Poser Tubes. (that is me on my first open water scuba dive).  For the bottom scrap I used Stella Forest which is a collab kit from

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Here is a 2nd free template for this week.  I've made a scrap with it as an example.  Hope you enjoy it! 

This is a full size template in .psd format

Download HERE

Scrap from Free Template 04-10-14

Here is a scrap I made with my new free template 04-10-14.  Photos are my own, I used Promena de Violine by Bee Designs.