Monday, March 31, 2014

Free Scrapbooking Template 03-31-14

I was feeling a bit ambitious tonight so I decided to create a 2nd template for this week!  Enjoy!!

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You can now find this template at Digital Scrap Designs

I love the added interest a split photo lends to a scrap, yet I rarely do this.  This template is in .psd format.  In case you don't know how to clip an image to a template or photo mask, just place your photo over the top of a photo mask or in this template the 5 white strips, on a PC, just hold down the "control" key and the "G" key; on a Mac hold down the "Command" key and the "G" key, and as simply as that your photo is clipped.  If you don't like the position of your photo all you have to do is click on your photo and move it around with your mouse.  

Scrap from 03-31-14 Template

And here is a scrap I made from this template.  I took this photo last June.  It is the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

I used a kit called My Old Jalopy by Boo Designs.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Free Scrapbook Template 03-30-14

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You can now find this template at Digital Scrap Designs

I hope all of you are enjoying these templates.  I must admit that I am having a blast making them!!  Since I am getting this on posted on Sunday, I will most likely get a 2nd template for this week posted, so please check back in a few days!  

Also, I am thrilled that these free templates are now showing up on Creative Busy Bee (just click on the name and you will be redirected to this awesome freebie site).  I have found so many freebies on this site and have used it for years!

Anyway, bye for now, and don't forget to check back in a few days.

Scrap for template 03-30-14

Here is a layout with this newest template.  I did this scrap for a challenge at Scrapbook Flair (just click on the name to be directed to the site).  If you haven't checked out this site it is a really great and membership is free (there are paid memberships that let you keep more scraps posted on your own homepage, but all challenges are open to everyone).

For this scrap I used a collab kit from Digital Crea (just click on the name to be directed to this site) that was free with a small minimum purchase, it is called Hello Spring.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Free Scrapbooking Template 03-26-14

Yeah, I got a template done for this week so I'm still meeting my goal.  Here is this week's free digital scrapbooking template along with a scrap I created with it.  This template is in .psd format.  Once I can figure out how to maintain the layers in .png format, I will begin posting both formats so those of you that don't use Photoshop can use my templates, too. 

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You can now find this template at Digital Scrap Designs

This is a scrap I made with this template for a challenge at ScrapbookFlair

I used 365 Synergy March by Boo Designs, and yes that is a photo of me.  Hope you enjoy this newest template.  Bye for now, see you in a few days when I post the next weekly template.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Free Template 03-22-14

Well, I'm trying to keep to my goal of at least 1 free template per week.  I've been uploading the weekly template on Sunday or Monday, but I'm going to upload this one a day early, which means I will have to still create one for the coming week since I'm not letting a 2nd one posted on any given week count in advance…I have to post at least one during the week.  I may not get one posted by Monday, but I will get one posted sometime during the week of March 23-29.  Since, by now, hopefully many of you are checking in on Sunday or Mondays, I don't want you to think I'm not going to post a template for the week, so that is why I am posting this one today instead of just holding it until Sunday or Monday since there is a distinct probability I may not be able to get online.

Here is a scrap made from the template.

My granddaughter, Haley.  They were visiting over the weekend and she wanted to go to the salon with me.  While the color was on my hair, she got her own hair curled and fixed.  She was so happy with it, and it was fun to be just of the two of us together.

The kit I used is If I Had Wings by G&T Designs.

And here is the free template.  It is in .psd format.  I have had a few people ask about making the templates available in a different format such as .png.  But, I haven't figured out how to save a template in .png and maintain the layers.  If anyone has a suggestion I would certainly appreciate it.

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You can now find this template at Digital Scrap Designs

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Free Template 03-16-14

Here is the template for this week.  I posted a 2nd free template yesterday so, yeah, I actually posted 2 free templates last week.  

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You can now find this template at Digital Scrap Designs

And this is a scrap I did with this template.  This is my youngest son, Dirk.  As the journaling says, he doesn't like me to take many pictures of him, and he really hates candid shots, which of course means I do everything I can to sneak those candid shots…LOL!  Anyway, hope you like the template and can use it!!  So, until next week, or if I get ambitious and get a second template done this week!!

I used a new kit by G&T Designs called Man oh Man.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Free Template 03-15-14

I am trying to post at least one free template every week for the remainder of the year.  I created this one last night with the thought of posting it tomorrow or Monday, but after I created a scrap with it I just couldn't wait to share it.  So here it is  (a couple of days early) along with my scrap.

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You can find this template at Digital Scrap Designs

I used a kit called Shabby Chic by Chris Ruff to create this layout.  As always, if you like the template and create a scrap with it, I would love to see your creation so post a link in the comment section for this post!  But, that certainly isn't a requirement; I just really love to share!!  And besides, practice makes perfect, or at least improvement, and each time I create a template I feel I am getting a little better.  So, download and enjoy and check back in a few days to see if I am able to get a second template done.  If I don't, there will be another free template about March 22.  Bye for now!!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Template 03-10-2014

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You can now find this template at Digital Scrap Designs

If you want to include a link to a scrap you create in the comments on this post, I would certainly be thrilled to see them!  Whether you do or don't, I hope you enjoy this template (and other templates that I've already uploaded), and I hope you will check back weekly for many more templates!  

Here is a layout I created with this template.

Scraps with "Sweets, Hearts and Roses"

Here are a couple more layouts with my newest kit, "Sweets, Hearts and Roses".  It is available free at Scrapbook Flair here with membership.  Membership is free as well, or you can purchase an upgraded membership.

This is my sister-in-law with her granddaughter (my great-niece).  A tender moment captured Christmas Day 2013.

And this layout was to see if I could do a scene with my Sweets, Hearts and Roses kit.  I extracted my granddaughter and the tree trunk from a photo taken last fall.

And this layout was done with the same kit.  This is a sweet little puppy that has become a new fur-baby for a friend at Scrapbook Flair.  I also used my free template posted on March 1, 2014 to make this layout.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Haley Bug - Easter 2010

I followed a link from Creative Busy Hands to a blog by Amber Shaw.  This is the first time I have visited her blog and was happy to discover that for March she posted a free template in conjunction with a monthly contest.  For the contest, you use her template and create a scrap with one of her kits.  Upon doing so, and sending her a link to your scrap, you are then entered in a drawing for a coupon toward the purchase of other kits by Amber.  So, here is the scrap I made and I have included a link to her blog.  I can hardly wait all month until April because it looks like she does this monthly.

When I saw the colors of this kit, I knew I wanted to use the photos of my granddaughter from Easter a few years ago because the colors all coordinate.  I often call her Haley Bug or Miss Bug which is why "bug" is included on the scrap.  

Here is the link to Amber Shaw's blog in case you want to join her March challenge, too.

The kit I used is called Happy Go Lucky, and of course is by Amber Shaw.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

3rd Free Template

Here is a 3rd free template.  Hope you enjoy it!!

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You can find this template at Digital Scrap Designs 

And here is a scrap using the above template.  I used Where the Sun  Rises by Ilonka's Design to create this scrap.  The clown image is from the web.

A 2nd Free Template

I am in a template making mood, so here is a 2nd free template for today.

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This template can now be found at Digital Scrap Designs

And here is a layout with this template.

I used my own kit called Cool Birthday.  This kit  will be free at Scrapbook Flair later this month.  Membership at Scrapbook Flair is free, though there are some paid memberships.  Free memberships give you the option to always download the 3 newest Designer Collections (kits).  As newer kits become available you can download those for free as well.  You can have your own homepage where you can upload your own scraps, and you can also join in the fun challenges running daily.  Hope to see you there!

Free Template 03_01_14

Here is a free template.  Hope you enjoy it!!

Download Link Expired
You can now get this template at Digital Scrap Designs

And here is a layout done with this template

The woman on the right is my newest daughter-in-law and her sister at my daughter-in-law bridal shower a couple of years ago.  The theme was tropical and was held poolside at her parents' house.

The kit used for the above scrap is called "Cool Birthday".  It is my own kit that will be available for free at Scrapbook Flair.  It should be available in late March 2014.  Membership at Scrapbook Flair is free or there are paid memberships.  The free memberships allows you to download the 3 newest Designer Collections (kits).  As new collections come available you can keep downloading the newest kits.  Plus you can enter challenges that are running at all times and you can upload your own scraps.  The number of scraps you can have on your own homepage varies by level of membership.  Hope to see you there!!!