Monday, March 31, 2014

Free Scrapbooking Template 03-31-14

I was feeling a bit ambitious tonight so I decided to create a 2nd template for this week!  Enjoy!!

Download Link Expired
You can now find this template at Digital Scrap Designs

I love the added interest a split photo lends to a scrap, yet I rarely do this.  This template is in .psd format.  In case you don't know how to clip an image to a template or photo mask, just place your photo over the top of a photo mask or in this template the 5 white strips, on a PC, just hold down the "control" key and the "G" key; on a Mac hold down the "Command" key and the "G" key, and as simply as that your photo is clipped.  If you don't like the position of your photo all you have to do is click on your photo and move it around with your mouse.  


  1. Love this template, I also like the split photo, great job, thanks.