Sunday, July 13, 2014

Free Mini Kit ~ Butterflies Everywhere

Still celebrating my birthday weekend by posting a few mini kits of "left-overs".  As with the previous 3 mini kits, this one will also coordinate with the blog train that will kick off on August 1st at Pixel Scrapper.  I love these little butterflies and I hope some of you will give them a good home!  Enjoy!
Download HERE


  1. The butterflies are darling. Thanks for this kit. Curious on why your papers and previews are so very large. I've been told to flatten the layers before saving when making papers to reduce the size and then save at high not maximum. Also told that previews should not exceed 900x900. Is there a reason why you do not do this? Your work is super and much appreciated.

  2. The fact of the matter is I am learning as I go. I hadn't thought about the size of previews being an issue, but since you mention it I will decrease the size of the previews in future. I make my papers full size (12x12) and since I print my scrapbooks I save them at a high resolution. I will research and as long as they will print at very good quality at a lower resolution I will change that in future too.

    1. Sounds good, we are all in training probably for everything we do. I always feel that I am a 'Work in Progress' person and hope it's a long time before I'm finished. Thanks for all you do and share with us.

  3. So cute!!!! Going to enjoy using this to do a layout for my daughter. Thank you!

  4. Cute butterflies :) Thank you for sharing with us. :)