Thursday, September 4, 2014

Something Else Paper Pack~Free Scrapbook Paper Pack

I love taking photos of random things then altering them to create scrapbook papers.  That is the reason I have called this paper pack "Something Else" because each of these papers started out as something else, they either started as a picture of a firework explosion, a rag mop head, a piece of cardboard, an anemone, the grate of an air conditioner, as well as other things.  Can you guess which paper started as which photo?  Hope you enjoy these papers.
Download HERE


  1. Very pretty! I'd love to learn how to make digi papers. Unfortunately I live in the sticks so can't take a class in town ( not that there is any place to take classes ) and am on satellite so can't use the download time to take online classes. Thank goodness for people like you who share your talents with us.

  2. Thanks for these fun papers! I enjoyed your explanation, too - it'll be fun guessing, lol!

  3. These are lovely colors, thank you so much for sharing them with us! hugs, Mat