Saturday, November 15, 2014

Free Scrapbooking Page Template 11-16-14

Here is this week's free scrapbook page template.  The sample scrap for this template is in the next post below.  As always, this is a full size template in .psd format.  It is PU/S4H/S4O and CT friendly.  Shadowing is for the preview only.

I have included the photo mask on the template, it is already lightened so all you have to do is clip your photo right onto the mask on the template.  

Simple Directions for using Photo Masks:
For anyone who doesn't know how to clip a photo to a photo mask it is really quite easy.  Just click on the photo mask layer to select it, then place your chosen photo on top of the mask.  For those using a PC just use the keys "Control + G"; for those using a Mac just use the keys "Command + G".  The photo will be automatically clipped to the mask.  You can move the photo over the mask to get it positioned just the way you want.  Voila!!
Download Link Expired
You can now find this template at Digital Scrap Designs