Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Scrap from Pocket Scrap Template #8

It finally dawned on me that pocket scrapbooking is the perfect style for all those vacation photos scrapbookers always take.  So with that revelation in mind, I'm going to get an album put together for me!  Here is the overview page and one of the album pages.

I used Rustic Charm, the free February 2015 blog train at Pixelscrapper on the 1st scrap.  On the second scrap I used Oregonian by Marisa Lerin, available at Pixelscrapper

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  1. These are awesome photos and love your idea of doing the book for you! What a fabulous trip you must have had...I have been to Mt. Rushmore 3 times and never tire of it or the area. It is a must see to believe it, photos just don't prepare you for the size of it does it? Great memories and a love job of putting them together. Thanks for sharing and the gifts. Hugs, Mat