Friday, June 10, 2016

Yesteryear Free Scrapbooking Mini Kit

I have a new scrapbook kit available in my store at Digital Scrap Designs, it is called Yesteryear.   It was a kit I was working on for the June blog train at Pixel Scrapper, but I simply didn't get it all ready in time.  However I still want to make it available to you.  

Please also check out the sale I am having as well.  The full Yesteryear kit is available at a 55% discount during June and everything else in my store is at a 40% discount.

This is the free mini kit.  Please scroll to the bottom of this post and click on the link above this same preview.  

And here is the FREE mini kit.  You can download it from my store (link expired) at Digital Scrap Designs.


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  2. I love this, every free item has been of help (templates) and inspiration (other). I wish I could also purchase the corresponding items, but Digital Scrap Designs are still not selling to EU customers.
    Maybe if you came up with a possibility to "donate" on your blog?
    Best wishes from Germany, Stef

  3. BTW, I'm minikraut on pixelscrappers. Maybe we can talk there.